Employers FAQs

Do I need insurance?
Yes, if employing PA’s this is a legal requirement that covers you if your PA has an accident, as you may be held responsible. Local authorities/CCG’s fund this has part of the direct payment/PHB and will be taken out by ourselves and renewed annually.
Who signs the timesheets?
The timesheets will need to be printed and signed by the employer/nominated person and the PA and submitted on a 4 weekly basis following our payment schedule.
I need a PA who can help?
As part of a fully managed account, ILBP can support with recruitment by advertising on our job sheet.
How can a PA help me?
A PA is employed to support you to meet the needs in your care/support plan provided by your local authority. This could be with personal care, support to appointments, support in the home, support to access the local community.
My PA is leaving, what shall I do?
You will need to inform us when you know when your PA is leaving, their contract will state how much notice is required. ILBP will run their final salary including any A/L owed and issue them with a P45.
Will my PA be provided with training?
If there is specific training that is required to support you safely then ILBP will work with the local authority/CCG funding body to arrange training which will be updated annually. This could include moving and handling or and specific training that will be required to support you.
Will my PA be DBS checked?
If the PA is working with a child or under a CCG package, then it is essential that DBS checks are carried out prior to the PA starting employment. If the PA is working with an adult under a direct payment, then this is at the discretion of the employer.
Can I employ a family member?
Yes, if the family member does not live within the same household.
Can my PA be self-employed?
You can have a PA that is self employed as long as they provide full paperwork that is required and self-declaration.